Please note that this location is currently closed for remodeling due to a fire in an office above our store. Our other location is still open and going strong just 1 mile West of us.

KC Smoke & Vape
1605 Westport Road
KC, MO 64111
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Please note this is on Westport Road between the QT and Stateline. It is NOT in the Westport bar district.

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We carry many tobacco pipe cleaning supplies and offer solutions to clean virtually any traditional or contemporary tobacco pipe.
  • Brushes - We offer several types of reusable brushes for cleaning your tobacco pipes and hookahs. These have stiffer metal shanks than disposable pipe cleaners, so they are better for some cleaning jobs.
  • Pipe Cleaners - These are essentially a bendable piece of metal with cotton wrapped around it. They are ideal for cleaning the portions of your pipe where a small, flexible tool is needed. They are available in regular, fluffy, and bristled. The bristled feature small, metal wires mixed in with the cotton which is great for cleaning wooden & metal tobacco pipes.
  • Liquid Cleaners - We carry the Bling brand liquid tobacco pipe cleaner. It is available in two varieties, one for pyrex (glass), metal, & ceramic tobacco pipes and one of plastics/acrylics. They contain a blue liquid which polishes, cleans, & deodorizes along with white crystals that gently remove tar & residues. To use this cleaner for a hand pipe; you place the pipe into a zip lock bag, shake the bottle well, pour the liquid & crystals into the bag until they cover the pipe, seal the bag, and then shake it until the pipe is clean. The plastic/acrylic version is great for hookahs with plastic bases as well as for the acrylic chambers that are included in many metal tobacco pipes. With either version, there is generally no soaking needed as long as you clean it at reasonable intervals and the cleaner can be reused a couple of times but do not mix new & used cleaner when storing. Bling is available in 4oz and 16oz bottles with the 16oz bottle being a significantly better deal.