Please note that this location is currently closed for remodeling due to a fire in an office above our store. Our other location is still open and going strong just 1 mile West of us.

KC Smoke & Vape
1605 Westport Road
KC, MO 64111
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Please note this is on Westport Road between the QT and Stateline. It is NOT in the Westport bar district.

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As a full service tobacco shop we offer a large selection of tobaccos in many varieties.
  • Cigarette Tobaccos - We carry a complete selection of loose cigarette tobaccos in increments including .60oz, .65, .75oz, .8625oz, 1.31oz, 1.4oz, 1.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 5.29oz, 6oz, 6.2oz, 8oz, 10.6oz, 14oz, and 16oz as well as a wide selection available by the gram. Our brands include American Spirit, Gambler, Kite, Top, Bugler, Zig Zag, Bali Shag, Drum, and Peter Stokkebye (the best of the best in terms of cigarette tobacco). Varieties include regular, light, ultra-light, menthol, additive free, US Grown, 100% ceritified organic, halfzware, halfzware light, golden shag, norwegian, danish, amsterdam, turkish, stockholm, and london.
  • Cigarettes:
    • All Natural - If you are interested in all natural, additive free cigarettes, we have several kinds to choose from. There is the ever popular American Spirit line of which every type is all natural and two are even certified organic. If you want an arguably better tasting alternative to American Spirits, try our Manitou brand that includes a unique American Blond variety which is a combination of virginia & burley tobaccos. Want all natural, ultra-premium tobacco, then Nat Shermans are the cigarettes for you. We carry their entire line including, Black & Gold, Fantasia, MCD, Classic, Naturals Original, Naturals Kings, New York Cut, Hint of Menthol, and filterless Ovals & Cigarettellos. Lastly, there are always the mainstream options like Winston or the deep discount brands like Tuff Guy and Echo.
    • Discount - We carry the mainstream discount cigarettes like Basic and Grand Prix but we also carry deep discount brands Honor, Tuff Guy, and Echo. If you are interested in discount cigarettes but are a little flexible, you may also want to check our line of Dean's Cigars. They are outlined below in our cigar information but many of our discount smokers switch to them once they try them out and see just how incredibly inexpensive they are. They are cigar tobacco but smoke just like a cigarette.
    • Gourmet - We carry every major line of gourmet cigarettes allowing us to offer the best quality tobacco in the world.
      • If English cigarettes are your thing, then you will love our Dunhill line. We carry Dunhill International, Light, and Menthol as well as Dunhill Fine Cut, Fine Cut Light, and Fine Cut Menthol. All of which are made from exceptionally high quality tobaccos and each blend is completely different. State Express 555 was first launched in 1895 and represent the true London and British understanding of what a good tobacco product should be. We carry them in International, Kings, and Light varieties.
      • Want gourmet cigarettes that are also all natural, then Nat Shermans are the cigarettes for you. We carry their entire line including, Black & Gold, Fantasia, MCD, Classic, Naturals Original, Naturals Kings, New York Cut, Hint of Menthol, and filterless Ovals & Cigarettellos.
      • If you've ever wondered what they smoke half way around the world then Mild Seven are your answer. Launched in 1977, Mild Seven has become the second largest cigarette brand in the world. These Japanese cigarettes feature a unique charcoal filter and are available in Original and Lights.
      • Our final Canadian brand is Export 'A'. Available in Full Flavor, Medium, and Light.
      • Davidoff is a name that is synominus with luxury and their cigarette are no exception. These Ukrainian made cigarettes represent some of the world's top quality tobaccos. They are available in Classic and Light.
    • Organic - Looking for an all natural, certified organic cigarette? Well then, American Spirit Organic cigarettes are for you. We carry it as well as the light version.
    • Premium - If you are looking for mainstream cigarettes, we have a complete selection of them including most of the Phillip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, Liggett, Lorillard, and Brown & Williamson lines.
    • Unique - If you are looking for a unique cigarette we have lots to offer. We have the Nat Sherman gourmet multi-color Fantasia cigarettes. Those are great but if you want a truely unique experience, try our Perique American Spirit cigarettes, they are one of a kind. This method of curring tobacco is used exclusively for Perique tobaccos and was used by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians more than 400 years ago. The modern version of this curring process involves aging tobacco under pressure in oak whiskey barrels. Every couple of months the barrels are opened and the tobacco is turned and put back under pressure. This process continues for more than a year! The result is a dark, sweet smelling, intensely-flavored tobacco that is amongst the rarest in the world.
  • Cigars - We offer a wide variety of cigars in discount and premium varieties.
    • Clove Cigars - Clove cigars have become extremely popular recently. We carry the full line of Djarum Clove Cigars which include Bali Hai, Black, Black Cherry, Black Vanilla, Mild, Menthol, Special, and Splash. They look similar to 100mm cigarettes but contain high quality, mild cigar tobacco mixed with the world's best quality cloves. We also have Djarum Spice Islands which are cigarillos.
    • Discount - Our discount cigars including Black & Milds, Bodyshots, Dean's, Dutch Masters, Prime Time, and Swisher Sweets. We have Black & Milds available in Regular and Wine. Dutch Masters are available in Chocolate, Cognac, Grape, Honey, Strawberry, & Vanilla. Swisher Sweets are available in Regular, Chocolate, Grape, Peach, Strawberry, and Tequila. Then there are the Dean's Bodyshots, and Prime Time. These look very similar to cigarettes, come in cigarette style Kings and 100s sizes, are able to be inhaled just like cigarettes, but contain fine cigar tobacco instead of cigarette tobacco. The best part is that since they are cigar tobacco, they are substancially cheaper than cigarettes. Bodyshots come in Rum & Cola, Mojito, Sangria, Trance, and Whiskey. Dean's are available in Regular, Mild, Menthol, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Rum, Peach, and Wild Berry. Prime Time come in Cherry, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Grape, Peach, Raspberry, Rum, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wild Berry.
    • Premium Cigars - We offer many different premium cigar brand including the best brands available in the US. Just a few of them are Acid, Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Baccarat, Cohiba, Cojimar, Gurkha, H. Upmann, Helix, La Gloria Cubana, Macanudo, Punch, and Romeo Y Julieta. In case you're wondering, yes we do have the rare and much sought after Gurkha Archive Churchill cigars in stock. These full bodied cigars are among the rarest in the world.
    • MYO/RYO Cigars - Technically these fall into our MYO/RYO category but we have included them here as well since they are of interest to people wanting to mix their own pipe tobacco cigars. Pipe tobacco cigars have become extremely popular over the years thanks in large part to the low cost and high availability of Black & Mild brand pipe tobacco cigars. But what if you don't want just plain old Black & Mild flavored cigars or one of the other limited flavors that have emerged on the market? This is where our MYO/RYO cigar supplies come in. You can create an almost infinite combination of sizes and flavors. Lets say you want a banana & strawberry cigar with a hint of mango; you can make it! Lets say you want a whiskey cigar with a tequila wrap as the chaser; you can make it! What about chocolate coffee; yeah you can make that too. Tobacco leafs are available in the original leaf shapes, cut to cigarette paper shape, or as hollow tubes; with the hollow tubes being the easiest to use. They are available in original and a huge variety of flavors.
  • Shisha Tobaccos - These tobaccos are for use with our hookahs. They are a combination of tobacco, fruit chunks or flavorings, and molassas or honey. The biggest advantages of shisha tobacco over regular tobaccos are that they contains 0% tar, none to only 0.5% nicotine, and tastes & smells fantastic. We currently offer over 300 (yes that's right, 300) flavors to choose from among eight brands which include Afzal, Al-Waha, Fantasia, Golden Layalina, Layalina, Rosetta, Soex, and Starbuzz.
  • Pipe Tobaccos - For pipe smokers we carry the entire line of Peter Stokkebye Luxary Blends including Bullseye Flake, Navy Flake, and Twist Flake. Want a little more variety then try our Century brand pipe tobaccos. They are available in Apple, Black & Gold, Black Cavendish, Black Cordial, Buttered Rum, Cherry Cavendish, Chocolate & Marshmellow, Golden Cavendish, Irish Creme, Peaches & Creme, Raspberry, Sangria, Vanilla, Vanilla Black Cavendish, and White Burley. For something in between we carry the Daughters & Ryans brand A.B. Rimboche, Athey, Cockstrong, Penhooker, Ramback, Rowland, S.J. Rimboche, Three Sails, Two Timer, Vengeur, Vengeur Light, and Windsail. If you are looking for low cost, bulk pipe tobaccos we carry Farmer's Gold, Ohm, Red River, and the all natural brand Bacco. Lastly, if you just want a quick pouch of pipe tobacco, we have Zig-Zag and Captain Black.