Please note that this location is currently closed for remodeling due to a fire in an office above our store. Our other location is still open and going strong just 1 mile West of us.

KC Smoke & Vape
1605 Westport Road
KC, MO 64111
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Please note this is on Westport Road between the QT and Stateline. It is NOT in the Westport bar district.

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Some parts of your tobacco pipes need to be replaced from time to time so we have those replacement parts available.
  • Hookah Adapters - These screw on adapters allow you to add an additional hose to your hookah in the place of it's current vent hole. They are available in two sizes and the hose is sold separately.
  • Hookah Bowls - We have ceramic and pyrex glass hookah bowls available in several sizes and colors. Hookah bowls are ideal for shisha (tobacco with molasses and fruit chunks) but require charcoal and do not work well with pipe or cigarette tobacco. Glass hookahs bowls have the advantage of better heat distribution as well as a wide variety of unique designs. Our ceramic bowls include many varieties including male bowls, female bowls, multi-head bowls, multi-section bowls, and bowls with a built-in screen & windguard. The version with the built-in screen & windguard is ideal for smoking outdoors, plus it concentrates the heat from your charcoal, making it last longer and produce more smoke. The version with multiple sections allows you to place different flavors in each section. You can then setup your charcoal to burn them all at once or to burn across them so that the flavor will change half way through your smoking session. Yeah I know, how cool is that!
  • Hookah Charcoal - Hookah charcoal sits above your shisha tobacco on a screen or hookah foil, and we offer many different options to choose from including 3 Kings Quick Lights, Exotica Easy Light Japanese Charcoals, Exotica Charcoal Fingers, and Natural Wood Charcoal. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages so ask when you come in, and we can help find the right charcoal for you.
  • Hookah Foil - Studies have conclusively proven that household aluminum foil causes Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease when used between your shisha tobacco and charcoal. This is because household foil is not made to handle these high temperatures so binding agents are released when it is used in this way. Hookah foil is the answer to this problem. Hookah foil is specifically made to handle these higher temperatures and all hookah foil specifically says hookah foil on the box. On a side note, it is okay to use household foil in the bottom of the bowl, between your tobacco and the bowl. This will help keep the bowl clean and prevent it from absorbing flavors.
  • Hookah Hoses - Eventually even the best hookah hose can't be cleaned any more and its time to replace it. We offer several different sizes, types, and colors as well as modern & traditional designs. We also carry washable hoses which last significantly longer than the more common non-washable varieties.
  • Hookah Lighters - These butane torch lighters are ideal for lighting easy light, natural wood, and square finger style hookah charcoals. They are also great for lighting your favorite cigars.
  • Hookah Parts - We carry all of the replacement parts that you could need for your hookah including trays, tongs, windguards, stems, breathers, bases, ice chillers, and motion activated base lights.
  • Hookah Seals/Grommets - Like all rubber products, the rubber seals on hookahs gradually dry out and need to be replaced. We have all of the seals that you could need including hose, base, and bowl seals.
  • Hookah Stoppers - These rubber flip stoppers go around the metal mouthpiece on your hose and flip to cover the hole when you are not using it.
  • Metal Pipe Parts - These parts can replace any portion of a standard US threaded, metal tobacco pipe. We offer bowls, chambers, couplings, stems, mouthpieces, lids, o-rings, and elbows in many different styles & sizes. They are available in nickel, brass, and anodized (color) aluminum.
  • Screens - We offer reusable hookah bowl screens, brass & steel screens for wood & metal tobacco pipes, and glass screens for glass tobacco pipes.